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Over the years i took many epic videos , however some of them had gone “viral” in the candid community. Many have tried to copy, crop them , remove my watermark or even pretend they are the original owners of the video. However, all they could do is show some lame low quality, short video versions that can’t be compared to original ones. Real candid enthusiasts know who i am and what my work is and also that these are my own original work. So, instead of buying some low quality cropped videos i would suggest get the original ones at the highest quality(4K). In this way you can be assured you have the best there is and also support my work that keeps me going and providing the epic candid bikini videos that you guys love so much!

The most epic & all time best selling candid videos by UhqVoy

Brazilian ass bikini teen - The hottest candid video ever!
The Floating Waterpark Teens Video
The Hot black thong brunette teen at the beach video
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